CASE STUDY : CASHIER Series in Chien Tu Shabu Shabu Chengde Shilin branch in Taipei


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Beloved franchised restaurant serving hotpots for over two decades

Chien Tu Shabu Shabu is a franchised restaurant established in Taiwan since 1997. Wellknown for its Japanese-style individual hotpots, the restaurants became popular for their affordable prices and fresh ingredients. With over 100 spots across the country, the chain welcomes a vast variety of loyal customers.

Located in the bustling area of Shihlin Night Market in Taipei, one of the most competitive neighborhoods in the restaurant scene, the Chien Tu Shabu Shabu Chengde Shilin Store can accommodate more than 70 customers in a round. The restaurant credits its popularity to the quality and freshness of their ingredients. Diners not only get to enjoy individual hotpots, but also have a buffet of snacks, beverages, desserts, and sauces to choose from.


With popularity come higher labor costs and customer expectations

However, with so many service items, the restaurant staff is constantly busy juggling with tasks, seating, taking orders, serving, manning the till, and cleaning. The restaurant’s labor expenses remain high, yet customer service feedback remains average in terms of satisfactory.

As restaurant owners, their main goal is to direct their focus on food-related services, and find ways to reduce labor costs in other areas. Therefore, when Chien Tu Shabu Shabu was approached by Masterwork Automodules’ CASHIER Series, a simple solution was introduced



Providing a smooth and automated dining experience

The experience begins as soon as customers enter the restaurant. Diners simply scan a QR code with mobile phone, and the application will assign a seating number. They can also place their orders on the app while waiting for their tables, giving them plenty of time to decide on their meals, and freely change orders as they desire. Once a table is ready, restaurant staff can arrange seating and notify customers with a tap of a button.

This process not only streamlines the seating routine, but letting customers order prior also lowers the chance of them leaving before being seated. Chien Tu found that staff time spent on taking orders has been reduced by 57%, and there has been no kitchen errors regarding missing or misplaced orders since implementation. This includes orders from food delivery platforms, which may also be integrated to the CASHIER system. This frees the restaurant staff to work the floors, allowing more engagement with customers.

After finishing the meals, customers can scan their individual order QR codes with CASHIER self-checkout kiosk. The machine displays the bill, which can be paid by cash, credit card, or third-party payments. With the CASHIER automatic checkout, cash shortage and counterfeit cash issues have been completely eliminated, and staff time spent on checkout has been cut down by 66.7%. And, as employees are freed from the front desk, they can redirect their focus to other areas in need of services.

CASHIER integrated solutions combine seating, ordering, and checkout services, providing a smooth and automated consumer experience from beginning to end.


Reducing expense, increasing income and customer satisfaction

When comparing the before and after implementing CASHIER, Chien Tu made an unexpected discovery. Because tableside QR code ordering is so accessible, diners are more likely to place extra orders during their meals, and the results show a significant increase of TWD 150 per customer transaction on average. With all the time saved, turnover rates have tripled, allowing the store to stay profitable while maintaining its affordable prices.

CASHIER’s cost-effective solution has ultimately helped the overworked and understaffed restaurant put an end to increasing labor costs. Staff time spent on shift handovers has decreased by more than 50%, which encourages staff to refocus their effort to the restaurant’s original goal: increasing the quality of food and customer services. With higher standards in delivering a better restaurant experience, feedback from customers and online reviews has significantly improved, with most consumers responding appraisingly to the implementation of CASHIER’s automated solutions.

As sales and restaurant reviews continue to grow, Chien Tu Shabu Shabu Chengde Shilin Store looks forward to a sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable solution provided by Masterwork Automodules’ CASHIER Series.