Cash Management Solutions



You spend all your time and energy on turning a profit for your business. However, your hard-earned money could be slipping through the cracks oblivious to you.
Common money-draining issues include:
1. Constantly being understaffed
2. Overtime and overworked employees
3. Unable to resolve cash storage
4. Uneasiness with cash security
… and so on.
These underlying issues may all be caused by insufficient cash management, and poor cash management could directly equate to losing money.
Proper cash management not only helps save money, but also provides your business the backbone and stability in the long run.
Compact models with efficient access such as JIAN and CASHPointPay are most suitable for the limited space and fast pace at front of stores, providing intuitive operation and swift cash handling to cut down on cash register workload.
Heavy-duty daily operations such as BEAM and RAY are best equipped for back offices, from day to day till flow to end-of-day accounting, our solutions maintain reliable and well-protected, ready to process large sums of cash flow.
Tackle these issues head on with our selection of back office and front of store solutions specifically customized to address your problems.