Fun Fact – EP003 Interesting Security Feature Finding


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Apart from the pattern design, there are many more aspects that we can address when it comes to world banknotes, here are some special findings that we have discovered. Let’s go figure them out.

Korean banknotes carry with 16 security features in total, so they are with one of the most security features among currencies all around the world.

Japanese banknotes add in mitsumata, a plant which is one of the materials to make Mashi (traditional paper), can give the finished banknote a unique coloring and texture. Thus the technology become the most arduous security feature.

Australian banknotes started using synthetic polymer since 1988, and the material can extend notes’ lifespan. Obviously, they are currently the most durable currency.

Fabulous concept designs and highly secured features, Costa Rica wins the Best New Banknote or Banknote Series Award 2022 of The International Association of Currency Affairs.