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ID Verifier

We were teenagers, and tried to attemp different things, including items we may not suitable to try at that moment...
Unicorn is designed for assisting age control in all kind of environment, to protect teenagers from items restricted to them.
With the Dual CIS technology, different interfaces, Unicorn can be used as stand alone device next to POS system, or mount on vending machine; by swiping ID card, passport, or driver license, Unicorn will differentiate age of the holder in a second.
Unicorn - The solution to keep our future from temptation.

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  • Fast


    Calculation can be done in 1 second.

  • User friendly

    User Friendly

    Accepts documents at both directions.

  • Efficient


    Supports multi-protocols, easy to install and use.

  • Accurate


    With latest technology, age can be verified until second.


  • Detection

    Dual CIS, UV.

  • Feeding

    Manual swiping.

  • Speed

    1 second after swiping.

  • Document support

    ID Card, Driver License, Passport.

  • Dimensions(mm)

    84(W) X 175(L) X 71(H)

  • Weight

    Approx 800g

  • Interface

    USB RS-232 MDB Pulse

  • Options

    Power Supply


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