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RAY Ultra | RAY Maxi

Cash Recycler Series

The Solution That Significantly Smoothen the Efficiency for Cash Management

It's time to unveil a new generation of cash recycler
that perfectly decreases the time spent on cash handle for retailers.

Satisfies the retailers with the versatile and advanced
technology built reliable solution, which remarkably
speeds up the cash transactions, from start/end of
day to CIT pickups, 24/7 monitored and secured to
optimize retail business operations.

By removing the burdens of manpower invested to eliminate discrepancy and time for the complex accounting process. MA's RAY Cash Recycler Series allow retailers
to focus more on the operation, that brings good customer experience and of course the sales.

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  • User friendly

    User Friendly

    GUI interface with
    touch screen display

  • Unlimited connection

    Unlimited Connection

    Connect as many
    as units desired

  • Fast


    Latest technology
    applied in deposit

  • Interface protocol

    Interface Protocol

    SOAP over HTTP(S),
    easy to integrate

  • Database


    Microsoft SQL server or
    SQL server express

  • Convenient


    Mixed denomination
    banknotes handling

  • Safe


    According to
    Ul291 / CEN IV

  • Integrated


    All info are gathered
    to cloud

  • Efficient


    Real time updated
    direct depositing


  • Max. No.of Cassettes


  • Display

    15.5” FHD Touch Screen

  • Barcode Reader

    Standard : 1D scanner
    Optional : 2D scanner

  • Client Printer

    Thermal 80mm

  • Interface


  • Optional Accessories

    RFID Card Reader
    Finger Print Reader
    CEN III / CEN IV Safe

  • Power Supply

    AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz

  • Consumption

    Max. 500W (RAY Ultra)
    Max. 800W (RAY Maxi)

  • Dimensions (mm)

    RAY Ultra:
    L976 W475 H1220 (w/ screen)
    L976 W475 H890 (w/out screen)
    RAY Maxi:
    L976 W475 H1250 (w/ screen)
    L976 W475 H879 (w/out screen)

  • Banknotes Handling

    Countable Note Size:
    Long Edge: 120mm ~ 160mm
    Short Edge: 60mm ~ 85mm
    Speed of Deposit:
    Apprx. 330 Notes / Min.(RAY Ultra)
    Apprx. 220 Notes / Min.(RAY Maxi)
    Speed of Dispense:
    Apprx. 300 Notes / Min.(RAY Ultra)
    Apprx. 200 Notes / Min.(RAY Maxi)

  • Capacity

    RAY Ultra:
    Max. 300 Notes (Hopper)
    Max. 100 Notes (Dispense)
    Max. 3000 Notes (Cassette)
    Upp.: Apprx. 450 Notes
    Low.: Apprx. 1800 Notes
    (Dual Compartment Cassette)

    RAY Maxi:
    Max. 300 Notes (Hopper)
    Max. 300 Notes (Dispense)
    Max. 3000 Notes (Cassette)
    Max. 3000 Notes (RJC Cassette)
    300 (Utility Box)

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